About us

How to write an ABOUT US page:  We are told to use facts, not hype. To seek to inspire trust. Tell visitors what they want to know and be specific avoiding bold claims. Give the visitor of your site a peek behind the curtain so you don’t seem like the wizard from Oz. Try to forge a connection and express your values. List but don’t overstate your credentials, certifications, awards. Include a photo of yourself “in action.” and above all be interesting!
Ok, I will give it a try. We do Window Fashions inside and outside very well. Our references will attest to that. We are not perfect but we try and we always correct our mistakes. We want to conduct ourselves as a company the way we expect those we buy from to conduct themselves. Our list of achievements are honorable and includes certifications from the best manufacturers, continuing education efforts to improve ourselves and client awards. Ok, how did we do on our about us statement?  Oh, the picture….. we will gladly see you at your home in person for a snapshot and a free estimate / quote. 🙂 


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